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This award-winning chocolate is made with unique heirloom cacao beans grown in the town of Malvar (Bayan ng Malvar) in the Philippine province of Batangas where cacao trees grow alongside Jackfruit (langka). The cacao beans were grown by our friends Kay & Karl from 1919 Cacao Farm and fermented in boxes made of jackfruit wood, yielding a rich, layered chocolate with notes of ripe banana, passion fruit, and guyabano.

The design of the chocolate cover was art directed by Vince and uses a term commonly used by Batangueños – Ala Eh! The typeface was created by Filipino Typographer Aaron Amar and is an homage to sign makers in the Philippines. The blue, white and red colours are representative of the flag of Batangas.

Cacao Origin

Malvar, Batangas Province, Philippines

Tasting Notes

Ripe Banana, Passion Fruit, Guyabano


Heirloom Cacao Beans, Unrefined Cane Sugar*, Cacao Butter*


Vegan, Gluten Free