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Our signature espresso is named after a Yukon park. Tombstone Espresso is a complex espresso blend of select organic Fair Trade unwashed and washed coffees. It produces a full bodied shot that is crisp yet elegant with a velvety full body - spicy and intense with a chocolate sweet finish. It has a clean bright finish bold enough not to disappear when married with milk!

We are proud to be involved with Fair Trade Proof, an online transparency tool that allows the user to view every piece of paperwork involved in bringing coffee from farmer to roaster. Without proof, anyone can say anything. This site is part of our effort to provide total transparency in the coffee importation process. We believe that the farmers who grow our coffee deserve a high quality of life and a healthy environment to live and work in. Following that belief, we have been building long term working relationships with producer groups and paying a fair price. That ensures higher quality coffee and allows farmers and their communities to achieve some of their dreams.