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Discover true presence through the resonance and vibration of song and sound. These beautiful brass singing bowls are tools for sound therapy, meditation, and relaxation in any setting you find yourself. Said to relax the body, calm the mind, and balance your energies, this 4" bowl is compact enough to take with you as you move, travel, and explore.

Place it on its 100% mulesing-free New Zealand wool ring for safekeeping after use. Artfully hand-hammered in Nepal, the artisans who create these bowls are given access to social programs that provide opportunities for girls' scholarships, at-work meditation, access to bi-annual checkups, and salary savings programs. Each bowl has a beautiful story, so grab your mallet and let it sing.

Made in Nepal


    • Do not use for eating or drinking

    • Clean with a damp cloth

    • Avoid scratching for quality sound