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This is an heirloom-quality, unique throw with a blanket-stitched edge, a classic striped design, and a touch of that beloved Turkish tasseled style. This throw is made from a plant-based, blended composition, which gives it a soft, cool, and ultra-luxe hand feel.


  • 60% pure Turkish cotton, 20% linen, 20% lyocell.
  • Machine wash or hand wash. Wash with like colors. Wash in cold water. Do not wash in hot water as hot water will cause shrinkage.
  • If possible and for best results, wash on delicate machine-wash; however, throw can also be washed on regular washing machine setting.
  • Hanging to dry is recommended over machine drying. If you need to machine dry, dry on low heat, but please note there may be some shrinkage after machine-drying.
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softeners.
  • 60” W x 87” L (152cm W x 221cm L)
  • Given the artisanal make of our throws, please allow for slight natural variations in color, size, and weave with each unique piece; however, if there are differences present, these differences are not usually noticeable.