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The legacy of ancient Maya civilization is not only in great architectural structures, but also in numerous mysteries still waiting to be solved. Help your child to get exposed to the world of mysterious Maya pyramids. This play set will enable the construction of an infinite amount of grand structures in the spirit of great civilization.

Wood is well known as eco-friendly and long-lasting material. It is durable, keeps its shape and doesn't break easily. Wooden toys are easy to take care of and they can be nicely mixed and matched during play. By purchasing wooden toys, we show that we care about the environment and teach our children sustainability and how to take care of the world we live in.

Quality wooden toys are hypoallergenic so the parents can be assured in their complete safety to child's health. From the very start babies want to explore the structure and density of every object by touching and tasting. In this period of life it is especially important to have your baby surrounded by eco-friendly and safe toys.