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This Good Design winning Tool Box has been crafted without welding or seams: The box is pressed from a single sheet of steel. Durable and tough for daily use while being light for easy handling. Perfect for storing a variety of everyday tools, art supplies or stationary. The indentations upon the top allow for the feet of multiples to be stacked upon each other in a secure fashion. 

About Toyo-Steel: Dreams will not rust. Established in 1969, Toyo Steel was the first company in the world that successfully developed a deep drawing technology to make a seamless steel toolbox from a single sheet of steel. These simple, durable, & rugged yet beautiful designed toolboxes are completely made in Japan and have been rightfully awarded both the Good Design Awards and the Long Life Design Award. 

  • Measures W20.3 x D10.9 x H5.6 cm / W8 x D4.3 x H2.2 in
  • Material: Steel
  • Made in Japan