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 Made entirely in Taiwan with cocoa from Taiwan. And in this # 3 chocolate no regular sugar but black sugar. Gives a very own taste profile.

The Ping Tun cocoa from Taiwan is combined with black sugar in this chocolate. Not very well known in the west, widely used in the east and certainly in Taiwan. Black sugar is unrefined very dark sugar with a rich taste.

The cocoa is ground with the black sugar (kuro sato) that gives powerful support to the chocolate with notes of coffee, rum and raisins after the chocolate has matured for three months.

Taste note from the makers: raisin, licorice, tea with milk, brandy, coffee.

Ingredients: cocoa, black sugar, cocoa butter.

Made entirely in Taiwan, from cocoa from Taiwan.

Allergy note of the makers: may contain traces of soy, nuts, peanut, milk, egg and wheat.