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Bulk bags are essential for plastic-free, zero-waste grocery shopping and have immense potential to reduce plastic waste. We were disappointed with existing bulk bags that were hard to fill up at the bulk store so we took it upon ourselves to design the ultimate bulk bag from natural, organic and safe materials.

This bulk bag is made from certified GOTS organic cotton and is completely free of any plastic. It has a double drawstring so you can pull the two ends and tie a bow to prevent your food from falling out. It is machine washable, unbreakable (unlike the Mason jar) and can be folded to be extremely compact to carry.

Its "tare" weight is indicated on the bag to make it easy to deduct its weight at the bulk food store.

This medium sized bag is much easier to fill than a mason jar or the average bulk bag because of its large opening and its ability to stand on its bottom! Most bulk bags have a seam in the middle of the bottom which makes the bag fall to either side when filling it up but this Life Without Plastic bulk bag was designed with a flat bottom to make filling easy. Simply put it on the counter and scoop your goodies into the bag, it will hold itself up and not tumble over.


     Opening diameter: 16.5 cm / 6.5"

     Base diameter: 15.24 cm / 6"

     Bag Height: 20.32 cm / 8"

     Capacity: 13.5 cups / 3.19 Litre

     Tare weight: 34 g / 1.2 oz


GOTS certified organic cotton

Care Instructions:

Machine washable

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Health & Environment:

BPA Free