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1 rock  180 - 200 g

This pink crystal sea salt has been excavated from himalayan salt mines where mineral rich deposits have given the salt its distinct coloration and taste. perfect for baking, cooking and finishing - this salt perfectly seasons all dishes. 

Himalayan rock salt originates from northern Pakistan from the area called the “salt range” not far from the Himalayan mountains. it is a natural rock salt that was created when the prehistoric seas evaporated some 250 million years ago. This was long before the sub continent indian plate moved north and crashed into Asia creating the Himalayan mountain range. The actual salt rocks vary in color from pure white to beautiful light pink to dramatic deep red, all depending on iron oxide content.

Highly flavored with lasting spicy heat over a mild mineral body

Ideal for seasoning meat and fish, as well as vegetables


100 % himalayan pink crystal sea salt 
> 98.63% NaCl, 0.08% Ca, <0.05% Mg, 0.65% SO4, 0.1 mg iodine, 2.38 ppm zinc, 3500mg potassium, moisture: 0.04%

Sourced in Pakistan