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This is the world's first truly eco-friendly, sustainable Samsung Galaxy S9 case. Pela makes 100% compostable phone cases for the Samsung Galaxy S9, meaning less waste in our landfills and oceans. Our S8 cases offer excellent drop protection and support wireless charging.

These eco-friendly cases are incredibly protective of your phone AND they're 100% compostable, meaning they are also protective of the environment.

Hemp is one of the most sustainable crops on the planet offering us so many gifts in the form of food, clothing, and much more. Pela’s Hemp Case uses Hemp Hurd, a by-product of the industrial hemp industry, in place of our usual flax shive. Tap into your higher self and celebrate this super plant - get your new Hemp case today.

Beautifully designed and eco-friendly, Pela cases are the world’s first truly sustainable phone case. They are durable enough to protect your phone from drops and scratches and are also 100% compostable! As part of our mission to create a waste-free future, Pela is a proud member of 1% for the Planet so we can support organizations who are working hard to better the planet.

Pela donates a % of every sale to Ocean Cleanup and Preservation Initiatives. Every case sold = less plastic in the ocean.

100% Compostable. Made from Flax shive and a plant-based biopolymer create the base for our compostable cases.