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Take a look at hannahpad's super ultra overnight cloth pads -they are your best option for heavy flow and/or postpartum. Sleep comfortably with this super ultra-long pad that offers maximum coverage. Wondering how they are made? From the care label, the double stitching for leak prevention, and to the high quality plastic snaps, every little part in hannahpad Super Ultra Overnight Pad is made thinking about you.

The Anatomy

Taking apart a Super Ultra Overnight Pad, you will find the natural & organic top sheet, 6 sheets of additional layers for absorption, and the outer shell with the beautiful patterns on the outside and then the environmentally friendly TPU coating on the inside to complete the leak-proof hannahpad. All of these layers are then assembled together with an all-cotton ribbon that is double stitched for durability.

Product Info

The Only Super Ultra Overnight Pad - The largest in size & absorbency available. Sleep with a peace of mind!

Certified Organic Cotton - Our organic hannahpad cloth pads are certified by Control Union.

Unbleached & Undyed - No harmful chemicals in the fabrics.

Leak-Proof & Breathable - Inside coating is made of high-quality TPU which allows air to flow through while resisting fluid.

High-Quality Snaps - High quality plastic snaps that minimize allergic reaction & are 100% recyclable.